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What is BRA’s Mission?

The Bellbrae Residents Association is formed from and is responsible to the people of the Bellbrae Area to recognise, preserve and enhance the distinct social dynamic and natural characters of Bellbrae and its area.

It does this by supporting the groups and facilitating activities that centre on Bellbrae, in particular by canvassing Bellbrae’s needs, aspirations and views with Local and State Government

What are BRA’s specific aims?

  • to record, preserve and enhance the character of Bellbrae and its social dynamic as an important aspect of responsible development;
  • to record, preserve and enhance the environmental and natural landscape values of the area as an important aspect of responsible development;
  • to act where useful to support or facilitate local groups and activities that centre on Bellbrae and its area;
  • to constructively engage in the planning and administrative processes, governmental and other, that affect Bellbrae.

What are BRA’s specific objectives?

  • to restore and enhance the natural environment of the Spring Creek Valley while developing its potential for public benefit and use;
  • to support environmentally sympathetic fire protection measures for the district;
  • to encourage the appropriate location of public facilities and recreational amenities;
  • to support environmentally and aesthetically sensitive development in regard to road construction and perceived public safety hazards;
  • to establish and develop an Internet website as a platform to facilitate Bellbrae area communication and group activity.

NOTE: This statement of what BRA is about was agreed at a public meeting of Bellbrae people held in the Bellbrae Primary School on May 15th 2007.